With health-care professionals


Why do Reiki with health-care professionals? Reiki induces a state of relaxation and wellbeing, facilitates the recovery of energy, reducing stress and anxiety and can be practised as self-treatment (self-help). As a result it is particularly indicated for the care professions and especially for people working in health or social services. It is also perfectly adaptable to the hospital environment because it can be practised anywhere and at any time without instruments.

The project Since 2010, in collaboration with the San Giovanni Battista University Hospital of Turin – Human Resources Organisation and Development, the Reiki Masters of the Cerchiodiluce association have been organising Reiki training seminars for healthcare professionals. The course – CME accredited and addressed to doctors, nurses and people working in health and social services – introduces the practice of Reiki as self-help for professionals to prevent the onset of occupational stress and burnout. The seminar consists of five 3 - 4 hour sessions (which in some cases take place over two days, with both morning and afternoon sessions). To date, 15 courses have been organised, each with an average of 15 participants.

If you are interested in organising a course for people working in health and social services click here.