Questions and answers

Is Reiki a religion? No; you don’t need to have faith because it works and is compatible with any faith or personal religion. Can anyone do it? Yes: the method is so simple that it can be learnt by anyone at any age, including children and old people. Does it require any special knowledge? No, all you need is to be willing to learn a new approach to taking care of yourself. Is Reiki autosuggestion? No, the study of the efficacy of Reiki on cancer patients, conducted by the Cerchiodiluce association at the Molinette Hospital of Turin, has demonstrated benefits in the reduction of anxiety and the perception of pain in a statistically significant number of patients. Has Reiki any contraindications? No, there are no contraindications to Reiki treatments. There can be no overdose, anyone can receive treatment: Reiki adapts to the needs of the recipient. How do you learn Reiki? In a seminar of approximately 15 hours, divided into 4 sessions in which 4 attunements are administered by a qualified teacher and the main principles of the method are taught: self-treatment and the treatment of others. What is a Reiki Master? A person qualified to transfer the teaching. To do Reiki in hospital do you have to have attended Reiki seminars? Yes, you must: - be a Reiki practitioner (i.e. practise Reiki daily on yourself and others). - attend the weekly workshops and the specialisation course. Do I have to pay for Reiki treatment in hospital? No, the treatments offered by the association are free. Who can receive treatments in hospital? Anyone under care in the departments where we operate, who requests treatment from the medical or nursing staff. I am a member of a Reiki association and would like to practise in hospital. Can you help me to get started? Yes. We propose special week-end training courses precisely with this in mind. Contact us for more information. Contact us for more information.