The Cerchiodiluce Association offers basic courses, individual courses, courses for senior citizens and for children. The courses are held  in Turin by Camilla Guillaume.

BASIC COURSE TIMES: Tuesday from 7.40 pm to 9.10 pm, Thursday 13.15 pm – 14.30 pm There is a free trial lesson. The one and a half hour lesson comprises a combination of various practices:

  • Asana (posture) – enhances an effortless calm and stability, with effects on the entire nervous system, stimulating Chakra activities, responsible for the distribution of energy in the body.
  • Pranayama – a practice that stimulates and increases vital energy through breathing, influencing the flow of prana through the nadi channels, to purify and induce physical and mental stability.
  • Yoga Nidra – a systematic method for complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. It is extremely useful in many psychological disorders, favouring the alleviation of profound conflicts and tensions and helping us learn how to manage our emotions.

INDIVIDUAL COURSES Individual one-hour Yoga sessions. For anyone interested in a tailored approach, contact the teacher o agree on times.

COURSES FOR SENIOR CITIZENS - in collaboration with the Università delle Tre età TIMES: Thursday: from 10.30 am to 12 noon. When the body is no longer agile and has to “slow down”, the risk is premature resignation, excessive worry about health and the lack of vital stimuli. Yoga can help in coping with this phase of life: the practice of Yoga addressed to senior citizens is aimed at preventing, enhancing and delaying the effects of the natural ageing process. Teaching includes exercises useful for maintaining good physical coordination, for stimulating and exercising mental agility and achieving a state of relaxation and psychological and physical efficiency.

COURSES FOR CHILDREN TIMES: The workshops (15 one-hour sessions for children aged 6-10) are organised on request for groups. To agree on dates, times and details, contact the teacher. Yoga is ideal for teaching children to balance their energies. An excess of physical energy tends to make the child restless and distracted, while lack of energy leads to introversion, apathy and laziness. Moreover, certain exercises actually contribute to the harmonious development of the entire bone and muscle structure, correcting defects of the spinal column caused by bad posture, while the asana sequences (body positions) combined with correct breathing produce a state of relaxation that enhances concentration, coordination and learning abilities. Yoga also lends itself to being proposed as a game, since the positions recall animals, plants and objects; all this offers a wealth of creative material for developing stories and tales to stimulate the imagination. Objectives: to develop awareness – enhance coordination skills – become aware of breathing – stimulate the imagination through movements and postures – create relaxation areas to foster attention and creativity – inventing, writing, drawing and illustrating a story.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Download the Favolyogando book factsheet.