Courses for professionals


Why take a course? Reiki is especially indicated in the care professions, particularly for people working in health and social services, because it induces a state of relaxation and wellbeing, facilitates the recovery of energy, reducing stress and anxiety, and can be practised as self-treatment (self-help) anywhere at any time, without instruments.

Activities The Cerchiodiluce association organises training courses to introduce the practice of Reiki as self-help for health and social workers to prevent occupational stress and burnout. The courses are addressed to healthcare professionals, people working in health and social services from voluntary associations and cooperatives and the personnel of private and public structures, and are tailored to the needs of applicants. The objectives are: to study the Reiki method technique in depth to prevent situations of burnout, loss of motivation and occupational stress, to enhance the awareness of self and of one’s abilities, to foster the readiness to listen and communicate by enhancing the relational context.

If you are a training manager, doctor or nurse working in the NHS you can propose the Training Course for Hospital Staff, already successfully held at the San Giovanni Battista University Hospital of Turin, which qualifies for CME accreditation.

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