In a word

What is Yoga? The word YOGA derives from the Sanskrit root YUI (to join). It means union, integration: its objective is to achieve inner peace and tranquillity by balancing our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual essence. In Yoga it is important to acquire the self-awareness deriving from knowledge of what takes place within the body, eliminating all external stimuli: this is why, in practising Yoga, the experiences we go through, that take place within the body, are more important than the purely mechanical repetition of exercises.

Benefits "When you practise Yoga you enhance your mind and emotions, and so you also enhance your acceptance of the inevitable". Sw. Satyananda. Yoga is a practical approach which anyone can follow; it is a valid way of strengthening the mind and facilitating concentration, a technique for relaxing, for maintaining psychological and physical health, for preventing and curing disease.

What is meditation? "Meditation is a continuous flow of perceptions and thoughts, like water flowing in a river". Sw. Vishnu Devananda Meditation is a method of expanding the mind, a journey towards infinity that puts us in touch with our true nature, with that inner core that is whole and at peace. Direct experience with the innermost aspects of our being helps us to accept our limits, to recognise and accept blocks and allow our unexpressed qualities to "flourish". This exploration of inner space enriches us with serenity and wisdom and leads us to participate in and live our everyday life with presence, awareness and emotion. Meditation, practising attention and awareness, feeling spacious inside, helps to heal us, opening our hearts to compassion towards ourselves and those around us.

The Cerchiodiluce association organises meditation sessions.